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Mobile Sailing School Program!

Sail Manitoba is pleased to offer a mobile sailing school program that services all of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. The Mobile Sailing School currently offers a program equipped with 6 Prams (smaller, single-handed boats), and 4 RS Zests (bigger, two-person boats). The trailer is also equipped with a small zodiac and 9Hp motor for coaching and safety purposes.

The Sail Manitoba Instructors follow the Sail Canada CANSail Learn to Sail platform.

The lessons that are being offered through our Mobile Sailing School are:

  • CANSail Wet Feet:
    designed for kids, ages 5-7. These are introductory sailing sessions focused on water safety and fun/games.
  • CANSail 1+2
    Designed for kids, ages 8 and older. Fundamental skill acquisition in any type of boat. Regardless of the age of the beginner sailor, in the CANSail 1+2 lessons, students begin by learning the basics of sailing through dryland and on-water lessons. Sailors are introduced to basic sailing skills such as safety, rigging, terminology, seamanship, and boat handling skills. No sailing experience is necessary.

The CANSail program is a multi-level program with various sailing skills required to achieve each level. At the end of each week the participants will receive a progress report or certificate acknowledging their accomplishments.

This document details all requirements necessary to host the Mobile Sailing Program in your area and the host registration form for the Mobile Sailing Program. We have also included a waiver form that should be filled out by all participants enrolled in the program,and returned back to the host club prior to the start of the program.

If at any time you have any questions regarding the program or host responsibilities, please do not hesitate to contact.

Information about our Mobile Sailing School

  • The cost of the five-day mobile sailing program is $2,100.00, and the cost of a two-day weekend program is $800.00. Included are six prams for kids, four double-handed boats (Zests) for youths and adults, and a small coachboat. The program will be accompanied by two instructors. Boat and trailer transportation at the beginning and end of the program will be accommodated if possible.
  • Classes should be scheduled in two sessions: mornings and afternoons. Recommended class size for the Prams is 6 participants in the mornings and 6 in the afternoons. Recommended class size for the Zests is 8 participants in the mornings and 8 in the afternoons. Please try to group students according to age or ability (or both). Instructors might be available to teach evening sessions.
  • The students in the Prams will receive the “Sailing with Puffy and Friends” workbook. For the older and more experienced sailors, the “CANSail 1+2 Workbook” will be provided.
  • Students should be informed to bring appropriate clothing, sun protection, water, and snacks for each day. The instructors will provide lifejackets, but students are encouraged to bring their own.
  • All students must complete the medical information form and waiver, and these sheets must be passed on to the instructors before the start of the program.
  • We will be bringing one small coachboat equipped with a first aid kid and other safety items. One additional safety boat in good working order, as well as gas, oil, and coast guard required safety items is to be provided by the host.
  • A safe storage area for equipment and supplies as well as a sheltered area or an indoor space must be provided for the program in case of inclement weather.
  • An Emergency Action Plan that includes emergency contact numbers, daily club/center contact, and maps for emergency services must be provided to the instructors.
  • Meals and accommodation arrangements for the instructors should be provided, unless otherwise arranged with us.
  • Instructors are not responsible for supervision of students outside of class time.
  • The mobile sailing program host club contract form must be signed by both Sail Manitoba and the host club/organization, and returned to our office prior to the start of the program.
  • A Deposit of $500 must accompany this form in order to confirm your reservation. The final payment is due no later than one week before the program starts. Please send us a post-dated cheque for the final payment.